Good bye paper notes...   free outliner software to administer all sorts of texts and calculations!
We live in an information age with waves of notes, e-mails, documents as well as endless calls and meetings. To have information only one mouse click away therefore is the basis for sucessful decisions. MemoMaster serves as structured filing system for text information of all kinds that is based on hierarchies. Notes, calculations, tables, forms, pictures, links and files are stored in the Memos.

The layout of a Memo database can be created by using folders, sub-folders and Memos in a tree structure. The integrated full-text search allows you to do research quickly and effectively.

The usage of MemoMaster is universal. MemoMaster allows you to administer non-fictional texts or useful descriptions, ideas, scrap texts, charges, addresses or recipes. You may also arrange organizational instructions, archive support databases or entries according to date.

Create own entry forms with a few mouse clicks only and use them as a database within the database.

Whether the information management software MemoMaster is used privately or business-related, with MemoMasteryou will be able to create and administer a pool of knowledge and information, which will be accessible personally, commonly for all of your company's employees or for your team.
Import and export documents
from and to Microsoft Word
Import and export calculations
from and to Microsoft Excel
Creates password protected
Acrobat PDF documents
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Microsoft Word compatible Word Processing
Microsoft Excel compatible Calculation Administration
Microsoft Outlook compatible E-mail Archive
Permissions Administration
Source Text Administration
Password Protection
Memo Link/Shortcut
Full Text Indexing
Entry Form Editor
Expiration Date
PDF Support
Personal Information Manager; MemoMaster (english)
To-Do's, Address and Phone Administration;
Structured Reference with Folders and Sub-Folders;
Knowledge and Ideas Management Tool for Team Work;
Inventory and Checklists;
Tippsand Tricks Database;
Storage for Phone and Conversation Notes;
Collection of Articles, Literature and Advertisements;
Instruction Manuals and Work Instructions;
Documentations, Guides and Organisational Handbooks;
Archive for Contracts, Concepts and Text Guidelines;
Preparation of Quotes and Offers (with Encrypted PDF Export);
Full Text Database for Microsoft Word Documents;
Support Database, Project- and Software Administration;
Database for Attorneys and Tax Accountants (Administer Legal Texts);
Database for Teachers (Grades, Attendance Lists, Notes);
Database for Developers (Source Code Administration, News Group Articles);
Administration of Addresses, Phone Rates;
Internet Favorites and Newsletter Archive (with Hyperlinks to Click on);
Film and Music Archive;
Collection of Passwords, Serial Numbers, Login Data, E-mail Addresses;
Administration of Tables or Data for Fitness Coaches, Sports Fans and Associations;
Logbook, Diary, Recipe Database, Birthday List;
...or simply as Knowledge Storage for your Ideas, Notes and Thoughts.
MemoMaster allows you to...
Edit Texts with known and trusted Word Processing and Spreadsheet Functions
Enable specific Research in all Memos (Matches are Numbered and Highlighted)
Create however many Memo Databases and Protect them with a Password if Desired
Administer Memos and Memo Folders in the Proven Explorer Tree Structure
Link Memos and Whole Folder Structures as Task or Appointment with MS-Outlook
Highlight Memos within the Tree or Attach a Tag
Redo or Undo Changes (Multiple Times)
Monitor the Windows Clipboard and Generate Memos Automatically
Link Microsoft Word Documents or Excel Tables Directly
Have however many Information Available via a Small Taskbar Symbol
Transfer Memos Directly to Microsoft Word of Excel Without an Export Detour
Create Encrypted and Password Protected Acrobat Documents
Insert Tables, Entry Form Fields, Graphics and Text Borders
Execute Cell Calculations with 100 MS-Excel Compatible Functions
Save and Reuse Memos as (Text) Templates
Create Web, E-mail, File or Folder Links
Link and Copy Memos and Whole Folder Structures Database Comprehensively
Print, Export and Import Contents with a Table of Contents if Desired
Save Memos as Memo, Word, Excel, Text, HTML or PDF Documents
Send Memos Directly as Memo Attachment (e.g. as Memo Document)
Create own Entry Forms with a Few Mouse Clicks and Use as Data Entry Form
Administer Favorites of Most Important Folders and Memos
Catch Screen Clippings and Embed in your Memos
Reference Texts Easily (via the Integrated Thesaurus or via Google, and Wikipedia)
Work in/with a Team (Minimum Small-Business-Edition)
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MemoMaster can be used as/for...